About Registry


Delegated by the University, the Registry (REG) is in charge of academic affairs, enrollment, module registration, academic records, certification, graduation, and scholarship, etc.

Major Duties:

Responsible for student enrollment, module registration, student records management, programme and examination affairs management, assessment for scholarship, review of graduation conditions, etc.


The Registry (REG) is one of the main administrative departments which is delegated by the University. It adheres to the spirit of “student-oriented, efficiency-focused, and quality-based” to provide professional and integrated academic and supporting services to students and the University. We serve as a bridge between students and the University in the teaching and learning aspect. We are also one of the supporting partners for teachers and work with the Quality Assurance Office (QAO) to comprehensively improve the academic quality of the University.

My colleagues and I shall always maintain an open-minded attitude towards learning and continue to work hard to support the University in becoming a unique and high-end University.

Finally, I sincerely hope that the Registry can always become the strongest back up for every stakeholder in the University.

Matthew Tsang

Acting Head of Registry

Main Duty

1. Enrollment

  • Reviewing students’ entry qualifications
  • Managing new students’ registration work

6. Student Records Management

  • Scholl roll management, including reviewing and updating student personal data
  • Handling deferment/withdrawal/suspension/ of studies, resumption of studies, transfer of programme, extension of study period, cancellation of student registration and etc.
  • Early warning service for enrolled students related to the school roll management

2. Programme Affairs Management

  • Managing, verifying, and supervising teaching plans and syllabuses
  • Organizing/reviewing school-wide course schedules and arrangements, managing the adjustments of classes
  • Class inspections
  • Summarizing and analyzing data of teaching affairs
  • In charge of grade managements, conversions, corrections and other related matters
  • Calculating and verifying working load of teaching staff
  • In charge of subject selection and review and approve the applications of credit transfer/course exemption, courses retake/addition credits, make-up examination, score rechecking and remarking and other affairs

7. Scholarship Affairs

  • Contacting and exploring funding institutes of scholarships
  • Establishing and reforming the scholarship assessment system
  • Assessing student scholarships

3. Examination Affairs Management

  • Organizing and coordinating exams and venues for exams,
  • Managing exam papers
  • Dealing with cheating in examinations and other disciplinary offences

8. Graduation and Certificates

  • Verifying the fulfillment of graduation requirements
  • Filing and records management of enrolled undergraduates and graduated
  • Issuing the graduation certificate and graduate transcript

4. Certified Documents

  • Issuing certification of student status, certificate of attendance
  • Issuing proof of renewal or extension of stay in Macao, proof of loss of “Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macau”
  • Issuing transcripts
  • Issuing testimonial for graduation
  • Replacement of student card

9. Others

  • Revising student handbook
  • Developing University calendar

5. Supervision and Innovation on Teaching

  • Reviewing regulations and rules of teaching management
  • Managing and monitoring orders and regulations of teaching and the teaching quality
  • Organizing teaching appraisal, analyzing and following up the statistic result of teaching appraisal
  • Handling teaching-related complaints
  • Organizing teaching research, teaching reform and other projects