Students living in Zhuhai can apply for online classes this week (From October 31 to November 4)

Dear Students,

In response to the latest COVID-19 pandemic development, the University has agreed on the following arrangements towards classes scheduled between October 31 and November 4.

  1. Non-local students living in Zhuhai shall apply to the Faculty Office for online learning during the period mentioned above, with relevant and verified supporting documents.
  2. For students living in Macao who are unable to enter the campus due to pandemic prevention measures, please also provide relevant documents to apply for online classes to your Faculty Office.
  3. All classes will be taken place in the original classroom and time as scheduled.
  4. Students attending classes in person are required to comply with the University’s pandemic prevention regulations.
  5. Instructors will take the attendance as usual whether the students participate in online classes or be presented in the classroom.
  6. Later notification will be announced for classes scheduled after November 4.

The University urges all students to take preventative measures and reduce mobility to lower the risk of transmission of novel coronavirus and maintain good health self-management. Should there be any special circumstances, please contact your faculty as soon as possible.