Urgent! The online-merged-offline teaching mode will be fully adopted from tomorrow

Dear all teachers and students,

Good afternoon.

According to the current pandemic developments in the neighboring areas, the university will fully adopt the online-merged-offline teaching mode next week.

  1. All instructors are asked to teach in the original classrooms during the scheduled time, while students can choose themselves whether to attend the class online (no need to apply) or come back to the classroom, considering the pandemic situation.
  2. Students must attend the class, either online or be presented. The instructors will mark the attendance as usual.
  3. Principally, teachers must be presented in the classroom during the class time. If they need to teach at home for reasons such as pandemic prevention measures, the application shall be approved by the faculty first and verified by AAO, and those involving personnel leave must be approved by HR.
  4. For the academic staff who wish to apply for school accommodation, please file an application to FMO.

Please take care. May all be well!

Academic Affairs Office