Notifications on resuming face-to-face classes from 25 October (Monday)

Dear Students,

The City University of Macau will resume face-to-face classes from 25 October (Monday) at 9:00 am. For more details, please refer to the Notice released by the University. (

All students who are eligible to attend face-to-face classes must return to the University from next Monday. Only students who are unable to enter Macao due to the exit and entry restrictions can submit the application for online classes to the faculty office for approval.

In line with the requirements introduced by the Macao SAR Government, all faculty members and teachers of Macao tertiary education institutions and university students must present a certificate/proof of the vaccination (at least one dose) or present “negative” results in the nucleic acid test of COVID-19 completed within 7 days. Students who are unable to enter the campus due to the lack of the certificate/proof mentioned above will be marked as absence. If you are unable to attend the face-to-face classes for other reasons, please follow related regulations of the Student Handbook and request for a leave of absence.

For the detailed preparations and requirements when students entering the campus and classrooms, please refer to the attachment. If you have any questions regarding the attachment, please kindly contact with the General Affairs Office (

Students’ proof of vaccination and results of nucleic acid testing will be synced to the TronClass system for teachers’ verification. Students who do not have such proof will not be allowed to entry into the classroom.

Academic Affairs Office

October 21, 2021