【Notification】The classroom teaching will officially be resumed on 13 September 2021

Dear students,

Please be notified the classroom teaching of all subjects of the first semester of the 2021/2022 academic year at City University of Macau will be officially resumed from 13 September, 2021. In accordance with the announcements from the Macao government, please refer to the following reminders for students who are returning to school:

1. Students must return to their places of residence in Macao, Zhuhai or Zhongshan 14 days ahead of the resumption of classroom teaching.

2. When entering the campus, security personnel will check the Macao health code (green code can enter the campus), while entering the classroom, the teacher will check itinerary card. The Macao health code and itinerary card can be applied via the QR code and link below:

3. For those who still need to take online classes due to pandemic prevention policies after 13 September 2021, they shall file an application to responsible faculty office with supporting documents or certification and wait for their approval and further verification from the Academic Affairs Office/Graduate School. Regarding the requirements to apply for the online classes, please refer to the Article 3 of the Implementation Measures for the Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Education (Click HERE to download).

Students are highly advised to pay attention to pandemic prevention and personal health, and to comply with the relevant prevention policies issued by the Macao government.

Wish you all the best!