Notifications on the Class Arrangements in the First Semester of AY 2021/2022 (IMPORTANT)

Dear students,

Currently, the pandemic situation and development in Macao and surrounding areas is stabilizing, it is hereby announced the University’s arrangements of the classes in the coming academic year, following the announcements from Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau, which required students must return to their residence in Macau or Guangdong Province 14 days before attending the classes face-to-face.

All local students from the evening classes of Undergraduate programs (Classes will be started on 23 Aug 2021)

  1. The class schedule remains unchanged and all subjects will be taught online start from 23 August 2021. Students don’t need to apply for online teaching.
  2. After 1 September 2021, if you have stayed in Macau or Guangdong Province for 14 days, you can return to the campus for face-to-face classes.
  3. As long as the pandemic situation is stable, all students shall be back to the campus and attend the classes accordingly after 13 September 2021.

All existing students of CityU (Except for the local students from the evening classes of Undergraduate programs)

  1. The class schedule remains unchanged and please attend the classes follow the university calendar and course arrangements.
  2. From August 30 to September 11, students who cannot return to school due to the 14-day pandemic prevention restriction are required to register at the link given below, and participate in online learning after complete the registration. Other students who met the 14-day requirement can attend the face-to-face classes. The subjects will be taught in the OMO teaching methods.
  3. If the pandemic situation is stable, the face-to-face teaching will be resumed throughout the University from September 13. Please make proper arrangements during your return itinerary to school and take care of your safety and protection.

All new students who were scheduled to register between August 24 to August 26, 2021

  1. The class schedule remains unchanged and the classes will be primarily taught online. Students who have met the requirement of staying in Macau or Guangdong Province in the past 14 days can return to school and attend the classes according to the schedule. For accommodation arrangements, please refer to the Student Affairs Office website.
  2. For those who are temporarily unable to be presented in the school because he/she comes from places identified as moderate or high risk of COVID-19 by the Macau SAR Government or other reasons like afraid of any risk during the trip, the student may wait until the assessment of the pandemic is safe to go or the exit/entry policies of Macao has changed. The online classes are open to these students before they are back to the campus.
  3. Please refer to the Registry website or contact the Registry office for the updated arrangements of official registration for new students.
  4. If you attend the online classes in the university dormitory and connection speed is under expected or there are other problems affecting the learning, you may use the Macau shared network such as wifigo or go the university library and other common areas in campus to connect to the campus Wi-Fi.
  5. Other students who have their own accommodation other than dormitory are suggested to arrive at Macau or Guangdong Province in advance with proper arrangements. You can return to university after 14 days of residence in the three cities mentioned above, and students are required to participate in the classes according to the course timetable during the residence periods.
  6. Instructions on how to operate the TronClass system or attend class through MS Teams can be referred to the files uploaded to the page Rules and Regulations of AAO website (Click HERE to view). Details on the platform or method for online teaching may vary across different classes, please pay attention to the notification sent to your student email address. Please acknowledge the online teaching arrangements in advance and attend the classes on time.

All students who have subjects to take in the coming semester are required to complete your declaration of planned date of return to university by 23:59, 25 August 2021 (Wednesday) through the link listed below. Please keep records of your trip, such as a screenshot of your airline ticket, for possible verification upon your entry into the campus.

Link for declaration:

After complete the questionnaire above, students can attend the classes online according to personal arrangements from 23 August to 11 September 2021. For those who still need to take online classes after 13 September 2021, they shall file an application to responsible faculty office and wait for their approval (Please refer to the Article 3 of the Implementation Measures for the Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Education for the requirements for online classes)


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