Guidelines for Subject Selection for the Second Semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year (Applicable to some programmes)

For more details, please click HERE to download the complete guidelines.

Dear students:

The subject selection system will be open at 14:30, on 6th January 2021. Students with selection needs can login to the University homepage, click “Current Students” on top left of the page to access the subject selection system.


  • Students who have the needs to retake or take additional credits can submit the “Application Form for Course Retake/Additional Credits” to the General Education Department for approval by 18:00, 11th December 2020 (22nd January 2021 for those from evening class of the Undergraduate programmes). If students do not file an application or do not settle the fees within the prescribed period, the grade of the additional subject will be marked as DX. 
  • Attendance is taken on the very first class.
  • For more details, please visit the webpage of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences-GED-GE subject selection:

Operating Rules

  1. Each login session will expire after 30 minutes. Please login in again after the time limit. 
  2. After entering the subject selection main page, click “Subject Overview” for subject information of the related programmes.
  3. After entering the subject page, click “Add Subject” for subject selection. To make changes to subjects selected, click “Drop Subject”.
  4. Only applications submitted within the prescribed period will be accepted for each subject selection stage. Applications for electives are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Important Notes

  1. After the final stage has ended, students should be aware of the selection result. If a subject is cancelled due to an inadequate number of enrollment, affected students should submit the “Application Form for Course Add/Drop” to change the subject.
  2. If students have not submitted the completed “Application Form for Course Add/Drop” by 12:00 noon, on 18th January 2021 to General Education Department or the Faculty Office to make changes, they are assumed to be confirmed and satisfied with the enrollment result. If students fail a course because of absence from classes or examinations, please refer to related University regulations for more details. Students who are unable to continue with their studies because of special reasons should contact the General Education Department or the Faculty Office.
  3. Students should note the total credits of courses taken and settle the fees in accordance with related University regulations if the total credits obtained exceeds the minimum requirement listed in the study plan.
  4. Upon the completion of subject selection, students should check the final enrollment records via the TronClass system. Please attend classes in accordance with the timetable and refer to Academic Calendar 2020/2021 on the University website for public holidays (University home page-Current Students-Event Calendar).