Updates on the system settings for Roomis and noon session class

Please be notified that all classes taken in the Cultural Centre Theatre (C Hall) and Exhibition Hall(CLG02) are now equipped with Roomis system and available for students to place their student cards over the card reader for recording their presence. For the finalized class time and venue, please refer to the information in “My Class Schedule” on your TronClass system (upper left corner of the Menu page). Please attend the class on time accordingly. Meanwhile, kindly remind all teachers to review whether the class information listed in the “Section” page of each subject on your TronClass platform is correct. If not, please update the details according to “My Class Schedule” page manually. Thank you very much!

On the other hand, please acknowledge that the Roomis system has been upgraded and following the related regulations stated in “Student Handbook”, students who place their student cards over the card reader for attendance records later than the class start time (within 30 minutes) will be marked as “LATE” automatically by the system, and those who are late for class for more than 30 minutes will be regarded as “ABSENT” once. Those who are marked “LATE” three times for the same subject will be recorded as one “ABSENT” by the system. You may refer to the “Student Handbook” for other regulations.

In addition, the system vendor has already added the correct time slot, so the class time for noon sessions will appear to be the same as that in the course timetable, which is from 12:15to 15:15. Students who are late to take attendance after 12:15 will be recorded as “LATE”. At the same time, the “Notes on the Class Time of Noon Session in the New Semester” posted on the related platforms on 28, August 2020will be invalidated.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact AAO or related academic department office. Thank you!