Guidelines for Pandemic Prevention when Back to School in the New Semester

When returning to Macao, students must follow the immigration regulations of the Macao SAR Government, so please pay close attention to the relevant information and be prepared in advance.

I. Students’ health declaration and precautions before returning to school

  1. According to the instruction of the Health Bureau of the Macao SAR Government and the Higher Education Bureau, students are required to present their valid Macao Health result and have their body temperature checked before entering the campus, and the university reserves the right to refuse the entry of students with abnormal body temperature.
  2. Students living in the Mainland must pay attention to the validity period of nucleic acid tests to ensure a successful return to school.
  3. Students should pay close attention to their physical condition. If you feel unwell, please stop returning to school and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. if you feel unwell during the class, please report to the instructor or Student Affairs Office immediately.
  4. All people entering the campus and attending school activities or classes must wear masks and maintain personal hygiene at all times.
  5. Student without class arrangements are suggested to stay at home.

II. Notes for students returning to university

Due to the scattered environment and entrances to the University, after consideration of safety and crowd control, four temperature monitoring points have been established. Upon arrival on campus, students/staff entering the campus must take a temperature test through the following locations:

Lift Entrance of Choi Kai Yau Building (N)

Lobby of Administrative Building (A)

Entrance of K.C. Wong Building (W)

Lobby of Staff Dormitory Building (B1)
  1. Please follow the arrangements of security staff and maintain good order during temperature testing.
  2. Please remove your hat and glasses so that you can take a temperature test.
  3. To protect public health, security staff may request another temperature check if the first temperature check is abnormal. Under such circumstances, students are suggested to rest in a ventilated area for few minutes until body temperature to return to normal for a second test.
  4. The university has the right to refuse admission of persons who are not wearing masks and who have abnormal body temperature.
  5. Please take precautions against disease and pay close attention to your physical condition.

III. Points to note after students return to the campus

  1. Face masks should be worn at all times within the campus.
  2. Classrooms, laboratories and computer rooms are open for class use only and students are seated one meter away from each other. It is advised to turn on the air conditioning as little as possible during class and keep the doors and windows opened to allow maximum natural ventilation. Please be noted that the fresh air system and venting system in the room are in operation around the clock.
  3. If necessary, the university will arrange security guards to take temperature, please follow the arrangement of security personnel to maintain good order.
  4. The seating arrangement in the dining area has been re-arranged in accordance with the guidelines for pandemic prevention of the Macao Health Bureau. It is recommended that meals be served in batches and at different times to avoid crowd gathering.
  5. Please comply with the guidelines for the use of the venues and the corresponding hygiene guidelines.
  6. If any person suspected to be at high risk of infection, please report immediately to the Staff or Student Affairs Office. The University will handle the case following the guidelines of the Health Bureau and the University’s management procedures.

IV. Attention to Personal Prevention

  1. Avoid going out and travelling between Macao and other areas.
  2. Avoid gatherings/assemblies, stay at home or in the hostel as much as possible.
  3. Always wear a mask for personal protection.
  4. Minimize interaction with others on public transport, avoid clustering and keep a distance from fellow passengers.
  5. Washing hands frequently, always with water and soap or rubbing hands with alcohol-based handrub. Avoiding touching the mouth, nose and eyes and shaking hands before washing hands.
  6. Maintain an appropriate social distance. Stay one meter or more from others.
  7. Avoid close contact with patients who are febrile and have respiratory symptoms.
  8. Cover mouth and nose with tissues when sneezing or coughing, and wash hands as soon as possible, or cover mouth and nose with sleeves or elbows instead of palms when tissues are not available.
  9. Do not eat together and avoid sharing food and utensils.
  10. Covering the toilet seat when flushing the toilet and wash hands thoroughly after toilet.
  11. If you feel unwell, such as fever or flu symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately and report to the school as soon as possible.

Note: All epidemic prevention work must be modified in accordance with the guidelines of the Health Bureau and the Higher Education Bureau of Macao.