Notes on Some Issues Relating to the Class Arrangement for the New Semester

Dear students,

The class schedules for the new semester is different from usual arrangements and is explained as follows:

  1. Since the pandemic in Macao remains stable, according to the Macao Higher Education Regulations, all higher education institutes in Macao will resume face-to-face teaching in the next semester. Online teaching is only available to students who are unable to come to school due to immigration restrictions.
  2. According to the request of the Health Department of the Macao Government, the university has to stagger the class time and the classroom in order to avoid the gathering of large crowds at a certain period of time, so the university has to adopt a daily schedule of four time slots: 9:00-12:00, 12:15-15:15, 15:30-18:30, and 19:00-22:00 (A few classes may vary, depending on the class schedule.).
  3. Each school hour is 50 minutes, with a 10-minute break per hour, which may be adjusted by the teacher according to the nature and content of the lesson.
  4. As some of the classrooms are relatively small, in order to meet the space requirement for pandemic prevention, the university will arrange two adjacent classrooms for a lesson. Teachers will use two classrooms to synchronize or cross-teach.
  5. The new time slots for classes will affect some students’ arrangements for meals and commuting to and from school, so please make better arrangements for studying, livings, transportation, and other related issues. Please pay special attention to your own hygiene and pandemic protection.
  6. The university needs to take into consideration factors such as teachers and classroom conflicts when arranging the class schedule. Students also live in various places and have different aspiration, so it is difficult to meet all of students’ needs. Your kind understanding will be highly appreciated.
  7. Here are some special measures during such a special time. We sincerely hope that all of us can work together to tide over this difficult time. Should you have any difficulties, please inform the details and your request to the instructors, your faculties, and the university. We will try the best to help.

Let’s look forward to a complete stabilization of the pandemic as soon as possible, so that our studies and life can return to its normal routine.

Wish you all the best! Keep healthy!

Academic Affairs Office

18 August, 2020