Notification of Teaching Arrangements in the First Semester of AY 2020/2021 (Applicable to all current CityU students)

Dear current CityU students,

Based on the current pandemic situation in Macao, it is expected that the classroom teaching will be the main teaching method of the next semester, it is hereby notified related arrangements as follows:

  1. Students should be prepared to return to campus for the new semester according to commence of the class scheduled in the university calendar.
    • The evening classes of undergraduate programs (for local students) will be started on 24 August, 2020
    • Classes for current students of other programs and will be started on 31 August, 2020

  1. If students are unable to return to university due to Macao’s pandemic prevention measures on entry and exit policies, they are allowed to apply for online teaching. Since all classrooms are equipped with devices to enable synchronized online classroom connection, an integrated online and classroom teaching method will be implemented in the new semester, so that those who cannot return to Macao will connect to the classroom synchronously.

  1. Students are advised to pay close attention to the entry and exit policies of the Macao Immigration Department and the epidemic prevention policies of the Macao Health Department, and make arrangements for their entry and exit, housing, pandemic prevention, COVID-19 nucleic acid test, and return to school as required.

  1. The university will pay close attention to the development of pandemic and any updated prevention measures. Should there be any adjustments, they will be announced on the official websites and iCAN/TronClass platform.

Academic Affairs Office

4 August 2020